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Wife. Mother. Nerd. Musician. Artist.

My life's plan didn't start out with photography as the end goal. We moved to Fort Wayne when we were newly married. My science nerd personality had always envisioned me working in health care or in a lab somewhere, but as we all know, life often has other plans for you that you would never have imagined for yourself. During college, I changed my major from biology to music and never looked back.

Shortly after moving to Fort Wayne with my husband, I was working at Sweetwater as a sales engineer, selling high end professional recording studio and music equipment. Years later, we started a family and I left Sweetwater to teach music in the public schools and perform. It gave me the hours to spend time with my family. However, even when I was working in music professionally, I was always a person with a camera in my hand from my earliest childhood memories. I always carried a camera with me everywhere just in case!

Over the years, my love for photography grew and my skills improved as I studied everything I could get my hands on (before YouTube!) from the library and other books. After years of practice, I began photographing friends and family. I was hooked.

The science nerd in me has always been very technical. The musician in me has always had a heart for emotion and family relationships. And I adore family photos from the posed portraits all the way through everyday tiny candid moments. Our home is filled with generations of family photos along with my own portraits of our family. I truly believe what sets me apart from other photographers is this unique combination of technical skills combined with the heart of a mother and teacher. My technical skills can create absolutely anything we can dream up together. My heart as a mom and teacher can instantly make you feel at ease in front of my camera.

Over the past 22 years, I have expanded my business to provide an even better client experience by offering:

  • Photography (all weddings have me as their main/lead photographer) including portraits, weddings, and commercial work
  • Real Estate (photo, video, drone photos, drone videos, virtual staging, specialty photos, community photos)
  • Cinematography
  • Photobooth
  • DJ team of 3
  • Makeup Artist team of 4

Bella Vita means beautiful life. My team and I would love to help you create an unforgettable day. How can we capture your beautiful life?

Shown above - yours truly at my downtown office space

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